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Remote Learning Plan

  • Freeburg District 70 Administration in consultation with the Freeburg Elementary Teachers' Association has devised a Remote Learning Plan outlining what to expect with remote learning.  You can access the Plan by clicking HERE.

    District 70 is also working on putting together a list of Remote Learning Resources to help parents and students with remote learning at home which can be found under the For Parents Menu.


COVID-19 Resources

  • Do you have a teen or young adult at home? Or do you have middle or high school students you are teaching online? They may be struggling with the COVID-19 crisis and having physical or emotional symptoms. Here is a checklist to consider.  There are two resources below you may find helpful:

    1. Click HERE for COVID-19 Resources
    2. Click HERE for a COVID-19 Teen Bucket List

11:30 am Dismissals

  • There are no 11:30 dismissals from school this school year due to the hybrid schedule.

District Calendar

  • District Calendar

    The 2021-2022 district calendar has been released.  

    (Click the link above to be taken to a Google Calendar.  You can click on the "+Google Calendar" to subscribe and get notifications/alerts sent to your smartphone or tablet.)

    2021-2022 District Calendar




  • Pre-Kindergarten Screening Information

    Freeburg District #70 will be holding Pre-Kindergarten Screening on Wednesday, April 28th  at the Freeburg Primary Center.  Children who are 3 years or 4 years (will be three years old before September 1, 2021) old are eligible for screening.  The screening is provided free of charge to all residents of Freeburg District #70.  All parents of age-eligible children are urged to participate in this opportunity to learn valuable information about the development of their child.

    Children will be screened in the areas of motor skill development, speech/language, cognitive (pre-academic) knowledge, and social/emotional development. Hearing and vision screening also occurs at this time.  Information on your child's school readiness and development will be presented to you upon the conclusion of the screening.

    Screening provides opportunities for families to become familiar with programs and services available through our school district. As a result of screening, children may qualify for entrance into our Pre-Kindergarten classroom or for other programs, such as speech therapy, playgroups, home visits, etc.

    Call to make an appointment for screening at 539-3188 extension 302. Spaces are limited.

    Important Message from Nurse Lauren

    IDPH and Freeburg District #70 have implemented certain guidelines that we ask every family to follow. If your child is not feeling well, please keep him/her home. In order for him/her to return to in-person school or extra-curricular activities one of the following options must occur:
    1) Your child must have a note from his/her doctor with an alternative diagnosis AND the note must state that your child’s symptoms are not COVID related. All symptoms must be addressed by your child’s doctor OR 
    2) Your child has a negative RT-PCR COVID test. I must receive the documented results before returning (Rapid testing is not accepted by the school, unless positive. Your doctor must indicate which test was administered or it must be clearly identified on the test results) OR 
    3) Your child must quarantine for 10 days and must be fever-free for 24 hours AND have improvement of symptoms before returning. I will need a note from the parent/guardian documenting that the child and everyone in the household are afebrile without fever-reducing medication and the child’s symptoms have improved. 
    Please do not send your child (or siblings) back to school until your child has been cleared by the nurse or an administrator. You will receive a phone call to confirm that they are allowed to return. Your child (and siblings) will be all remote until cleared to return. It is important for the safety of all the children and staff to follow this protocol.
    I truly appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as we navigate these guidelines during this difficult time. If you have any questions and/or concerns, please call the office.

    Kindergarten registration

    Kindergarten registration for the upcoming 2021-2022 school year is upon us.  Initial registration will be online.  New parents to the district will click the link below to begin the process.  Once this is done, the district will approve you so you can complete the paperwork portion of registration.  After this is completed, parents will need to come to the district office at 408 South Belleville Street to provide the following: 

    Birth Certificate
    Lease Agreement (if renting) or most recent tax bill (if you own).
    Three (3) other pieces of mail with name and address.
    Custody Papers, if applicable.

    Once the online registration process has beeen completed, you may bring in your proof of residency and any other completed medical forms into the office on Wednesday from 9:00 am to 

    In addition, parents/guardians will need to fill out the forms for NEW students provided during the online registration process. 
    For questions, please call 618-539-3188.
    Please know social distancing and face-covering mandates will be enforced.  More information is forthcoming.

    COVID Screening and Remote Attendance


    If you have not signed into before, please click the Reset Password Link and put in your email address.  An email will be sent to you to setup your password.  If your email address is not found, please contact the office to have them enter it and create an account.  Students also have accounts and can follow the same process to login using their school provided email address and recover their password in the same manner.

    Parents or student should be logging in every day to check in for remote learning attendance or for doing your self certification COVID screening.  Some pop-ups have to be completed before others, so complete anything you see.  Also be sure all pop-up blockers are turned off.  The Teacherease APP is currently only for staff members and not supported for parents.  You must goto the web browser on your phone and visit to login.

    If you have any problems please call the office or email

    Thank you for your patience as we work through this new process.


    The annual PTO fundraiser is currently underway and runs through the end of October.  Students who earn $75 in donations will be eligible to receive a personal pan pizza and drink to enjoy during lunch at school.  If the district meets the goal of $15,000 every student will receive a DQ Blizzard.  If each student in the school raised just $25, we would meet our goal!!  You may donate by sending a check to school payable to PTO or online via PayPal through the PTO webpage.


Powering Up for Good Character!

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