• Lunch Bunch Book Club 2012-2013

    Lunch Bunch Book Club is open to all 7-8th graders. We meet every Thursday during second and third quarter, in the main library, over lunch. We read, we eat, wer discuss books! Students read books from a chosen theme and come to the meetings ready to book talk what they've read. Pizza is served at the end of each quarter.

    We have started the 2012-2013 school year out reading dystopian novels in small groups. Dystopian novels are considered science fiction where the setting is in an undesirable or frightening society, made popular with the book/movie "The Hunger Games". We are in the process of creating posters for each book that will be displayed in the main library's windows.

    Over the winter break students will choose to read either the new talked about  novel "Wonder" by RJ Palacio ro the 2013 Caudill nominee "Anything But Typical" by Nora Raleigh Baskins, a 2012 Schneider Family Award book. Both of these realistic fiction stories deal with a main character overcoming unique difficulties.

    If possible, Lunch Bunch would like to visit the downtown St. Louis Public Library that has been newly renovated. More info to come.

    Lunch Bunch is sponsored by Librarian, Mrs. L Kuklinski.