• Please try to do this by 9:00am every morning of e-learning, but you may submit it at any time throughout the day to be counted present.  If you do not do this, your student will be counted absent.

    Website Check-In

    Open up your web browser and goto: www.teacherease.com

    Click Login and enter your email address and password.  This will be the same account you used at registration and  to check report cards and grades.  If you do not know your password, please go to the login page and click “forgot password.”  Type in your email address and an email will be sent with instructions on how to reset.  If your email is not found, please call the school office and ask them to verify your information.  Do NOT create a new account, as parent accounts must be created by the district.  

    Parents will see a check-in popup window on the parent portal main page. Parents with multiple children attending school will be able to check-in each one of them. This functionality is available to custodial parents only.  A contact who is a custodial parent/guardian for one student but not for another student will be able to check-in the first student only from the parent portal.

    Web CheckIn

    Similarly, students will see a check-in popup window on Student Main in the portal. This popup will reappear on the student main page, until the student checks-in.  Students can not check-in other family members.  

    Student CheckIn


    If you are having issues with the APP, please close it and try again.  

    You can also goto www.teacherease.com in your browser and do check-in there.  Please be sure that pop-up blocker is turned off on the website or you will not be able to check-in.  

    Check-in can only happen one time per day.  If the student checks in before the parent, the parent will not see the pop-up

    If you have students in different districts, please switch to your Freeburg District 70 student by clicking on the student picture in the top right corner.  

    Google / Classroom Logins:  

    Student Google Logins follow this format:

    Graduation Year + Last Name + First Name Initial + @frg70.org

    John Smith Graduationg 2022


    Passwords are 00+Student ID (lunch code)